Ventilation system

What is a forced ventilation system?

Forced ventilation systems are a way to convey air inside a facility intended for civilian (residential or commercial) or industrial use. These air ducts are realized with ducts which allow the distribution of treated air inside environments.

It is possible to handle the air conditioning of wide premises like open-spaces and also the thermoregulation of single spaces, like hotel rooms. It is possible to control the air in climate chambers for food drying or maturation, but also inside hospital operating rooms with related air filtering systems.

The integration of mechatronics systems rules in a dynamic way the optimized air flows, to satisfy the different needs of the environments. Furthermore the forced ventilation systems are compatible with home automation networks which allow the real-time thermoregulation of the various rooms.

Air ducts can be applied both indoor and outdoor, on sight, or concealed in false ceilings, or in cavities or under raised floors.

Distribution schemes are important: the more they are, better is the conveyed air pressure; while the more complex they are, the more the system has to overcome turns and bottlenecks which make air loosing pressure.

A good thermo-technic project has to take into account both air volumes to be treated, and their distribution into different premises through ducts.