Our story starts in Pomezia in 1959 when the STIFER company, founded by Ferdinando Stimamiglio, produced the post-war period most popular domestic appliances: refrigerators and freezers.

In 1963 Ferdinando Stimamiglio, in order to improve his products’ performances, sensed the potential of a polymer with excellent thermal insulation characteristics: the Expanded Polyurethane.

In the same year, the worlds’ first plant for continuous manufacturing of rigid expanded polyurethane panels with flexible coatings was installed. Thanks to their outstanding thermal features and ease of use, they quickly became established also in the construction and industrial insulation.

The success achieved with the innovative product led, in Padua in 1968, to the realization of a new plant dedicated only to the thermal insulators’ manufacturing and to the creation of the new brand STIFERITE, which will become synonymous of thermal insulation.

In the mid-1970s, first in the world, Stiferite® introduced a special polyurethane panel with aluminium facings specifically designed for ductwork for air transport.

A revolutionary on-site construction system which, thanks to the partnership with other leading construction and installation companies, asserts itself both in the Italian market and abroad.
For more than fifty years, our commitment is the constant research for innovation and quality for the purpose of ensuring energy saving, living comfort, safety of our buildings, by protecting the environment.