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Advantages of the ISOCANALE system


• Quality of the air and efficiency of the system

The internal surface of the duct is entirely constructed of aluminium, which guarantees clean air flow.

The limited flanges used to join individual duct sections together, provides a pneumatic hold that further improves the efficiency of the system.


• Energy savings and thermal insulation

Stiferite’s Polyurethane foam has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient of λi = 0,021 W/mK and guarantees near perfect thermal insulation even at reduced thicknesses like 20 and 30mm.  This characteristic significantly limits the energy consumption of the entire ventilation system. In addition, the aluminium facers present on both sides of the panel, assure excellent waterproofing and vapor blocking performance.


• Lightweight and safety

Pre-insulated ducts are nearly 15%  of the weight of traditional sheet metal ducts. An important advantage in terms of economy, environment and safety

Lighter ducts require less anchoring points and are much safer in case they were to fall due to an accident or earthquake.

Another important advantage is terms of safety is the excellent end-use condition fire rating of Euroclass B s1 d0 (based on the type of panels).


• Minimum Noise

Stiferite’s polyurethane foam panels dampen the transmission of vibration and have good sound (noise) absorption qualities.


• Durability

The use of polyurethane foam and aluminium, guarantee a long lasting system.


• Reduced Costs

Compared to traditional sheet metal ducts, the costs of a pre-insulated duct system is significantly less in fabrication, shipment and field installation.


• Versatility

The panels that make up the system, may be cut to size directly on-site

Simple and easy installation of complex air distribution routes and modifications based on current needs, may be made without any difficulty.


Efficiency and Simplicity of ISOCANALE system

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